Saturday, November 14, 2009

Doomsday: Eaten Alive!

Run and hide dooms day has arrived.
Our ghosts cry as the shadows damn our pride.
Hide your yes the darkness is alive.
Who will survive the white flash in the sky?
Burning flesh boiling brains, who will escape this
hellish fate?

Black rain fills the sky, eating us alive:
the fate of our hate.
The cloud of doom spreads the fever everyone
will suffer now.
Burning flesh, open minds, nobody doubts
the blast, the flash, the warnings of our past.
The call that could of saved us all.
A burning corpse is all that stands
for a nation eaten alive by the pride
written in the devils guide.
There is no more time, we have fallen
without a thought in our mind.
We toil in a daze of turmoil and demise.
Surrounded by the ruin of our success,
our heads covered in the ashes of death.
The pain that proves we were in vain.
A witness against the foolishness
that drove us insane.
Doomsday has arrived, never again will we rise
with such a pride that lead us to this demise
that has eaten us alive.