Tuesday, July 7, 2009

An Era of Illusions

A New World of Illusion:
An Era were tolerance is the new definition of love.
A time where we are creating misery by the laws we govern our selves by.
By accepting this new dogma into society we have set ourselves up for failure.
This illusion of love and tolerance
has given us the ability to kill babies without thought:
by changing the noun (baby) and turning into (fetus) ,
and the time they are killed: in the womb.
We have accepted the freedom of rapists and child molesters
by calling it justice served.
We have literally rewarded the wicked by condemning the
innocent to live in the playhouse of the condemned.
We have accepted this ideology of justice
that criminals rights are more important than the safety of woman and kids.
This is no doubt the greatest abuse of tolerance
under the illusion of justice I have witnessed.
Jeopardizing the safety of society by giving the condemned
the freedom to cause chaos in our neighborhoods time and time again.
We have witnessed the atrocities of multiple rape and molestation cases
that happen over and over by convicted felons
set free by judges and psychiatrists.
This only proves the absence of common sense
in the highest positions in our republic,
and we can only ask ourselves: Why is this allowed to happen?.
The answer is simple: We are to apathetic towards our public officials!
Year by year we continue to bring this condemnation
on ourselves by the actions of our selfish need for tolerance.
Justifying the very acts of our law officials by not standing up to them.
By not demanding them to do their jobs or they should pay the price.
There is no reason these officials both judicial and political
should not face severe consequences for jeopardizing the welfare of society.
The allowing of rapists and child molesters to cause more harm
is by the definition of the law "Accomplices" to the crimes committed.
This is a scar on every American neighborhood.
We ultimately are shedding our own blood to appease the appetites
of the machine that drives our government.
If we continue to do nothing, we will have nobody but ourselves to blame.
I fear we will do nothing!
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