Monday, April 12, 2010

The Destruction of a Republic

Divide and Conquer

At the height of our power are the days between possible greatness

or the brink of utter destruction! A struggle between two powers, both claiming to be the

righteous cause! A great rift of virtues has caused a schism in our society, bound

in the opposition of right and wrong a division into liberalism and conservatives and where exactly the line of right and wrong begin and end based on the laws of humanism and religious principals., a line that seems to be changing daily for both sides. Therefore where our hearts are is determining which direction our society is taking.

Here in lies the dilemma.

The powers that are governing for both sides are harboring

the same goal within its corruption. The destruction of the republic and the

constitution in which our government was established on.

What we are failing to see is there are not two sides but one

governing body working towards its own end, carrying

the labels of a divisionary system in order to feed the system

they are establishing.

Within the division of the people lies the deception that each power is working for the greater good of their constituents. We have to ask: how did we get here and why do we continue to allow the madness?

The utter elimination of freedom is the ability to fool the masses

into thinking they are making laws and regulations for the greater good.

A means to an end that is beneficial to neither the liberal or conservative agenda.

If you can get conservatives and liberals to focus solely

on each others negatives you can ultimately eliminate the freedom

of both sides by writing and passing laws based on the hypothetical advantage,

that this is all for the good of each side.

Unfortunately this is an illusion of grandeur!

The bottom line here is: the more laws they can convince us

we need the more laws they can pass and

the more freedoms they are taking away from all of us.

Regardless of which party is in office whether it be democrats or republican:

a law passed for one party is a law given to the other, for as long as they can keep us

blaming the other party, they can work together to nullify as many rights as we

are willing to sacrifice to ensure control for their own agenda!

A strategy of divide and conquer has clearly been the key to success in our political arena thus far. I wonder, did they even have to discuss the strategy or is it an unspoken understanding between the hierarchy of our leadership that this trying to “undo” or “fix” each sides negatives would be the best way to set the foundation for a new governmental construct! A brilliant plan to nullify the constitution and create a new government based on the system our leaders are developing.

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