Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prelude to Ezekiels War

The year is 2011 America is pulling out its last troops from Iraq, the war in Afghanistan is going no where fast. Russia is putting up road blocks at every corner to get us out of Afghanistan. Just as we did to them in their war with Afghanistan. Using Iran as the go through to funnel weapons and munitions to opposition fighters in the region. Obama is considering the war in Afghanistan "unwinnable" and sets a pull out date. Iran is on the brink of testing their nuclear capabilities. Israel turns to Obama and asks to deal with Iran for the last time. In Obamas complacency he talks about "the need for peace" and debates on "doing the right thing" and "more sanctions.” Israel understands they can't wait for Obama to get done obloviating his naive stance. Israel initiates an attack on Irans nuclear facilities, they blow up enough things to piss of Iran and Russia. Iran threatens retaliation and Obama blames Israel for its "tenacity and Bush like tactics" for a pre emptive strike. Russia gets involved because ultimately the nuclear facilities Israel blew up were built by Russia, angering Putin to the point of war. Obama in his passive aggressive stance says "no way Putin, we wont allow it."
Russia then initiates a plan to take down America.
The beginning of the end for a country that could of prevented all of this in the first place. All while we are heading into an election with the country so split up over the chaos Obama has fed into the democratic process while our media ignores world affairs trying to convince Americans that Obama is our only hope for the future. Giving Russia, and China (who sustains North Korea) time to prepare for a world without Americas influences or our industries. Russia and China take careful consideration on the how and when the best time to bring Americas reign of power to an end. Since Russia has been doing war games and moving military equipment to Venezuela and possibly Cuba since 2009 they are set for a pre emptive strike of their own, against the UNITED STATES. It is time for the attack: North Korea threatens to fire missiles capable of carrying nuclear war heads toward Hawaii: Russia and Venezuela plans one of their "military training sessions. Flying out from the Far east and playing naval games in the Atlantic being all coy. Coincidentally hovering around the central plains and West Coast of America. Of course we are to busy in our election cycle and to focused on N.Korea's threats to consider what is going on 500 miles away from our coastline. After all it is a training session Russia is putting on and nobody would attack almighty America right? About 2 AM by 4 AM long distance missiles are launched from N.Korea heading towards the coast of Hawaii, and Obama all settled in, prepared for action against a couple of missiles sets our Navy against Korea. While in the meantime Russia and Venezuelan planes and Naval subs sets a direct course for the American coastlines to get as close as possible before launching all the missiles they can carry towards the United States all carrying nuclear war heads all set to hit within the hour. (Mind you, From the Atlantic and Pacific) Without hesitancy, Russians subs also make a run from up north from past Greenland launching as many nuclear missiles as possible. Aiming for New York, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, California, and at the same time little ol' Cuba aiming directly for Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas, Kansas and Tennessee. The deed is done… Half of California is cooked, the great cities of New York, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia Tennessee and Kansas are decimated. If they can reach any farther up They will try… America is decimated Millions dead and millions more will die. With devastation that broad and wide in America there would be no retaliation we would be neutralized.
With America out of the way Russia will turn its full force against Israel
and there you have it, the scenario leading up to Ezekiel 38.
This is not a prophecy! The times and dates are hypothetical, the presidents name hypothetically fits. The scenario could all be to real:
We are not as safe as we would like to believe! Nor are we untouchable.


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