Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We have been sold out by lobbyists

One of our biggest problems we are facing as average American citizens, is lobbyists. Our politicians who we vote in are hounded by lobbying from special interest groups. The special interest groups become the voice of the american people, and its usualy the groups with the most money who some how become the majority voice of the people, these poloticians are supposed to be listening to. It amazes me that we have tollerated this for so long...

My solution, make lobbying illegal... It is nothing more than legal bribery. If lobbiests want to lobby, they should be lobbying the american people, not OUR poloticians... Alls its doing is corrupting the system... If we do not stop this legal bribery, we will never get our voices heard over the interest groups cash and incessant hounding by people always in OUR congressmans ears.

We have watched our rights violated and torn to pieces because of people with to much money and to much time on their hands spewing an ideology that is tearing this country to pieces. Why should lobbyists have so much power in OUR government, and why isnt anyone dealing with this problem?


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