Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can we afford to wait around?

Can we afford to wait around?
With powers like Russia, Iran, China, Venezuela and North Korea
growing economically, militarily and
being as determined as those leaders
(Hitler, Alexander, Napoleon, Nero)
in our past have been to dominate the world.
We are in less of a position to wait around!
These problems have stood as an example of what happens when
you wait till the problems of a few affect the masses.
When we give to much power to those with alternative motives:
sold as fundamental change.
The thought of one nation or group of nations having the ambitions of a
Hitler is to great of a threat, to great of a consequence,
and a real possibility.
To play politics with those whose interest are to
destroy those who stand as a threat to their ideology
is a common occurrence in our history.
The powers of the past did not care or hesitate to do
whatever necessary to enforce their will upon the world they knew.
Imagine one nation with the determination of
Alexander the great having a nuclear arsenal.
A man who has no fear of using such power with the cunning
of a Hitler to sign as many worthless peace treaties to
appease the naivety of those in power.
Just as Hitler did with Great Britain, not more than 60 years ago.
Have we forgotten already? Has Great Britain forgotten?
How different the outcome of WW 2 would of been if Hitler
would of been the one to use nukes first.
Would we of stopped him so easy?
Would the Russian winter of slowed down an atomic bomb?
Who would of slowed down Imperial Japan if they used nukes to
sweep across the Pacific and into Americas heartland?
Would they have hesitated to stop?
Would they have been content to "end the war?"
Are we going to pretend that the days of men wanting to rule the world are over?
Can we afford to watch violent governments harbor the same animosity
towards the west when one bomb can wipe out a city? We
are not dealing with the technology of yesteryear.
Nor are our oceans the schism they once where in protecting us
from our enemies.
If our government decides to wait around until this new
axis of nations is able to mobilize an effective
nuclear campaign against us, is it not our fault for allowing the
past to repeat itself when there are so many obvious warning
signs revealing the dangers we are facing.
It is clear our government wants to appease the world and take the blame
for the problems of the world today. It is a shame that
history has shown us that we had better know the type of
change those who speak with flattering lips are offering
before its to late.
Can we afford 11 years of sanctions against Iran when they have
Russia and China backing them up?
Russia sold Iran almost a trillion dollars
worth of missiles and helped build a nuclear reactor.
Are we so careless as to forget the UN oil for food scandal with Iraq?
How many times can we be deceived by Russia over Iran?
How long before Iran and the "new" Iraq become allies.
It is obvious we have learned nothing from what
happened in the political arena leading up to WW 2.
We have to realize today that
America is an easy target, and a necessary target to take out
first. With a devastating blow, crippling our chances for any retaliation.
Well placed nuclear strikes have the potential to kill millions of
Americans forcing complete evacuations of all coastal cities due to radiation.
With Russia playing war games with Venezuela right at our back door
and trying to renew their friendship with Cuba,
how hard is it to conceive that in a day of training exercises
they decide to go through ends up turning into a real mission?
It is clear to me that the whole goal is to
leave Europe and Israel completely exposed and on their own.
Is that not why Putin was so against the missile defense system
in Poland and the Czech republic?
Why would Russia be so concerned about
Europe protecting itself from incoming missiles?
It is unfortunate that Obama is so willing to sell out Europe to appease
a communist like Putin.
We would have no choice but to deploy all of our arms to Europe to make
a final stand. Because for us it would already be to late!
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