Monday, September 21, 2009

The fulfillment of a Promise.

The Fulfillment of a Promise

Everything is a blur:
the days blend together as they always have.
The plans of the Most High have played out as
far as man can proceed.
The Hour draws near for an event few expect.
Like a thief in the night: He will come.
Millions of people hoping and praying realize the
materialization of the faith we have in Jesus
has brought us into the glory of the Lord.
Just as Noah had when he stepped out
of the ark and into a new beginning:
so to will we.
God; in keeping his promise; makes
everything new for those who believe,
and the few who survive.
With one more trial to end the curse of sin.
The dawn of a new day has begun.
All of our woes have past.
We will praise God!
Glory to El Shaddai.
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